Metalife & Mirror Worlds (English) – Barry Chudakov, Technology Expert & Futurist


Barry Chudakov is an award-winning creative director who has been a Chief Brand Officer and a brand consultant for international companies. He is regularly quoted as a technology expert and futurist. Barry invented the concept of Metalife and has been writing about, and giving talks on, meta realities for almost 15 years. Now Mark Zuckerberg has renamed Facebook to Meta, and many VCs and others in the investment and business worlds are touting the metaverse, a world Barry predicted and wrote about extensively.

Paris Martineau, former Wired editor, referenced Barry on Twitter: "In 2011, pew research center asked tech experts to predict what the world would look like in 2020. while others worried that google would make us illiterate or tech would kill the web, one guy got it so so so right".


Metalifestream (Facebook/Meta)


Pew Future of the Internet (In the search bar, upper right corner, type Barry Chudakov to see all mentions)

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